Short answer, YES! the talented crew at bombshell love walk-in tattoos! In fact we have a rotating crew of artists dedicated to exactly that!

Now, some of you reading this are probably already shaking your head at this question, however it's one we get EVERY SINGLE DAY, and unfortunately the answer is obviously no.

A walk in appointment cannot be secured over the phone, they are exactly as their name states walk-in, which is first come first served.

We always try our hardest to accommodate every walk in request, but in the off chance that we cannot, we will happily do an on the spot free consultation and make a future booking (with a deposit) if your tattoo idea is for any reason not able to be completed as a walk-in.

Again, some of you might think we are joking with adding this to our FAQ but it's here because unfortunately it IS a frequently asked question.

Walk-in tattooing is best suited for small to medium sized pieces (no larger than a copy sheet) that require a small to medium amount of custom drawing. If you would like something that covers half your body and has a more detail than the last supper then feel free to do a walk-in consultation and we can book you an appointment for a later date with one of our custom artists. (See future booking and consultation section)
Unfortunately in life there are only a few certainties, death, taxes and the USB always being the wrong way up first.

Although walk-in tattooing is not a certainty, we have made every effort to ensure that we can facilitate as many clients, as quickly and professionally as possible while maintaining the standard of artwork that we have become renowned for.

There are a few things you can do to make this process quicker and ensure both yourself and the person after you get inked today:
Have a rough idea of what you are after and be flexible with your artist, this is their job and any pointers we give you on art or placement are not in any way meant to insult you or your taste. These tips and recommendations are just our professional opinions coming from decades of experience in the industry. Trust me, we know our shit 😉
Have your photo ID on you and ready.
If you have any reference material make sure you bring it to your appointment.
Be flexible, if we cannot fit you in today or your art piece is unsuitable for walk in tattooing we will make every effort to get you in at a later date, in which case please see the next section.



All of our resident artists and guests are proud to be their own bosses, business owners and indeed humans.
As such each artist operates a little differently, some prefer walk-in consultations and some prefer pre-booking.
As such we recommend you check out our list of artists and when you see something you like follow their instructions on their info page to get booked in.
Our collection of resident and guest artists are more than happy to address initial inquiries via email, however due to the personal nature of a tattoo and the wildly variable canvass that is the human body most tattoos can only be booked with an in store in person consultation and deposit.
If you are unable or unwilling to make it into the store to make your booking it is at the artists sole discretion as to if they can book your tattoo without a consult.
Our artists are heavily booked and very busy, its because we are good at what we do and that's why you came to us in the first place. However being this busy also means that artists must prioritize drawings and artworks to avoid being swamped. While we appreciate how enthusiastic you are about your new tattoo, please respect our artists workload and do not chase them for drawings.

Our artists have all artworks prepared the morning of each appointment, and each appointment is allotted free design and alteration time. This free design time allows you to personally work one on one with the artist to finalize the design before it becomes permanent.

If you do not have faith that the artist you have chosen will do artwork that you like and you need to see it months in advance, we are perhaps not the studio for you.
Each artist at Bombshell Tattoo Galerie specializes in one specific style, we are all heavily booked and our time is in high demand, if you change your mind on a design that is within the realms of the artists style and give us at least 1 week notice we are happy to accommodate changes. however due to high demand and high workload, if you change your mind to something that falls outside of an artists speciality that artist may not be able to dedicate time to a piece they will not ultimately be the right artist for.
You might laugh but our incredibly busy artists get asked this literally every day, and unfortunately no, we simply do not have enough hours in the day to dedicate to personally calling clients to discuss tattoo ideas.
If you are genuinely interested in getting a tattoo with one of our highly saught after prfessional artists or guests please use the instructions located in their portfolio to book in.




Just like any other profession "tattoo artist" is a job, and just like all other jobs it is how artists make their income. Our consultation and drawing process is free of charge with all appointments, however if you require to indefinitely cancel, your deposit is used to compensate the artist for their time spent.
Artists require at least 72 hours to re-schedule cancelled appointments. If insufficient notice is given it is store policy that the deposit is voided, and the artist may at their discretion require an additional deposit to be left to rebook the client.

Artists reserve the right to refuse to re-book cancelled appointments.
Unfortunately all deposits are 100% non refundable, however we are more than happy to offer store credit for any appointments that are cancelled with at least 72 hours notice.
A good artists time is both in high demand, and valuable. Valuable both to themselves as income, and to prospective clients who would love to utilize the space that we have reserved for your appointment.
Every cancellation requires time spent re-booking clients, calling clients and altering schedules. Every cancellation also represents a space that may have been utilized by another client, who now had to wait even longer and perhaps went elsewhere to get tattooed because they could not get a date that had been reserved for you.

Our artists respect their clients and are very serious about their artwork, non refundable deposits are to ensure you respect our artists time, and are equally as serious about your new ink.
Deposits vary depending on booking size and the amount of drawing and prep work required, they typically start at the value of one hours work and come off the final price of your tattoo after the last session.
Deposits are transferable at the artists discretion. Artists reserve the right to refuse service if something falls outside of their artistic speciality.
Artists will hold store credit for cancelled appointments (provided that enough notice is given) for 90 days.

Any and all re-scheduling and re-booking must be done in store.



Although it is not technically "illegal" in the province of Alberta to tattoo children under the legal age of consent that doesn't make it a good ethical idea, the professional staff and artists at Bombshell Tattoo Galerie do not offer this service for several reasons.

Even the most mature teenager is unfortunately still a maturing and growing young adult. Meaning that both their minds, personalities, artistic taste and more importantly their skin is still maturing into what they will become when they are grown.

Tattoos placed upon skin that has not finished growing may warp, stretch and discolour as the person ages. This means that even the best thought out tattoo will still age poorly if placed on a growing young adult and may ultimately lead to regret for the wearer.

It is for this reason that the responsible and professional artists at bombshell do not under any circumstances tattoo persons under the age of 18
Unfortunately no, a tattoo parlour is simply not a safe environment for children. While you or any other clients are in our tattoo chairs you have 100% of our artists attention. We do not have the ability to be focusing on looking after or watching out for children and there are too many sharps, chemicals and valuable art pieces in a tattoo parlour to allow children in the area.

It is for this reason bombshell tattoo is a strictly over 18 venue.


Yes! We are a walk-in studio and we have dozens of books dedicated to flash just for spur of the moment tattooing or for tattoo inspiration!
While we appreciate people coming in with drawn reference for their tattoos, unfortunately we do not under any circumstances tattoo any reference (aside from portraits) that is brought directly to us without redrawing it.

We are a custom studio and will gladly accept artwork and drawings as reference material, but please be advised that all art leaving Bombshell Tattoo Galerie will be a 100% custom unique piece.

This is both out of respect for you as a client, the original artist and their hard work, and our artists themselves.
Flash art is tattooing artwork that has been created with the specific purpose of being replicated time after time, it has been designed with no specific person in mind, and holds no specific meaning or representation to any one person.

Flash artists often sell dozens of sheets of flash and price them at a point that covers their work spent on creating the art. The purchasing of the flash artwork pays the flash artist.

When you bring in a photo of someone else's tattoo or drawing, that artists has only been paid for that one specific instance of that tattoo being created. They have not given permission for it to be replicated like a flash piece nor do they get any further profit from their hard work.

An image of someone else's tattoo is often a custom design made specifically for that person and may hold personal significance to that individual.
Can you imagine getting a custom designed tattoo in memory of a loved one then seeing someone else with an inferior copy of it? not cool right?

To put it in the easiest terms: replicating flash is ok, replicating custom tattoos is theft.
Unfortunately due to several instances of artwork being duplicated outside of the studio, original artwork is only ever available in store on your appointment date.

If you require to alter your artwork you can do so with your artist in person on your appointment date


The prices vary depending on the piece, and which artist you choose to get tattooed by. Some of our artists prefer to charge by the hour and others prefer to set a price on a piece before they start tattooing.

All artists that operate from Bombshell Tattoo Galerie are independent business owners, Bombshell is an art space and the artists rent an area inside Bombshell.

As all artists are independently operating they all charge individual prices, however are all competitively priced with the area and similar skilled artists within Edmonton.
Unfortunately it is completely impossible to predict the price of a tattoo with 100% accuracy. Many things factor into how long a tattoo takes such as amount of detail, texture of skin, size of the client and how still the client can sit. Without seeing you in person for a consultation, we are completely unable to give price quotes.
Our artists at Bombshell tattoo are their own business owners and as such set their own pricing so it's difficult for us to quote a "minimum" without seeing what you want and which artist would be best for it.

However, regardless of the size we will always work with you to create your own custom piece and I'm sure you will agree that asking for the "minimum price" for an everlasting piece of art that you want the maximum attention to detail on, is... kinda tacky. If you would like to discuss pricing please feel free to come in and talk to our artists in person.
"Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good" - Sailor Jerry

The professional artists at bombshell take great pride in their work and don't haggle or price match.

Asking us to discount a tattoo thats on you for the rest of your life is tacky, please don't try and ask us to do it.
If you really can get it cheaper elsewhere please feel free to go there. We won't be offended.



Our artists are passionate about their work, and stand by the quality of every piece that leaves the studio. If a section of your tattoo does not heal as intended or envisioned, our artists will gladly touch it up free of hourly charge.

All touchups must be booked in store in person within 90 days of the completion of your tattoo.
Our artists are proud of their work, and do their absolute best to ensure that you leave with the perfect tattoo. If your tattoo does not heal perfectly due to your own error, unfortunately our artists will be unable to dedicate free hours to fixing mishaps.

Touchups that are required due to user error incur a regular hourly charge.
Our artists stand by the quality of their work, not the work of others. Touching up another artists work is not only considered a regular charged item, but unfortunately our heavily booked artists rarely have any time available to work on existing pieces from other tattooers.
Two points on this one:

you nasty, get to a doctor
Your tattoo is an open wound, every tattoo that leaves Bombshell Tattoo Galerie is sanitized and wrapped in a protective professional dressing, if you expose your tattoo to something after application that results in an infection you are responsible not only for your own medical attention, but also for the re-working of your damaged tattoo.

Please look after your ink!
Due to the natural aging process of skin and the unpredictability of life itself we are unable to anticipate anything you may do to your tattoo in the vast and distant future.

We honour our tattoos with a 90 day period for touchups, however anything booked past this time is not covered free of charge.



Short answer, no.

,pr>You may be a super unique accepting individual who spreads nothing but love and thinks you should not ever judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately however many other people are not, including but not limited to border agents, security guards, police officers and potential employers.