A true Canadian mountain man Daniel comes to us from the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 
Daniel's solid work ethic shows in his perfect lines and dense colour saturation. 

Joining the crew from November 2017 onwards for frequent visits Daniel will be available for a variety of projects and styles.


A master of all things bright, bold and "Neo-Trad" the incredibly talented and world renowned Alberto comes to join the Bombshell crew from Granada in Spain. 
Alberto's colourful epic work features perfect lines and densely saturated pigments to create masterfully solid work. 
Alberto will be joining us in February of 2018 for an extended stay and is looking to take on some amazing ideas for pieces in his signature style displayed here. 


Fresh from working alongside our owner Liz at the famous Khan tattoo in Brisbane Australia, Dicko has become a master of realism. He's a creative guru and is soon becoming a renowned artist in the Australia tattoo scene. When not Tattooing, Dicko is chilling with his family and contemplating the desire for Americans to put shrimp on Barbeques.

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Efter hikin' fur mony days an' mony nights frae th' scottish moors, Gareth finds himself alongside th' talented Filip Paseka in London, England at Opium tattoo. He's one of our good friends and will be joining us for a brief time in April. He's a traditional artist with a unique flair so get your enquiries in quick!


Megan Tews is a world class blackwork artist and does regular guest spots here are Bombshell.

She specializes in pointillism and loves to work with botanicals and or geometric themes and in particular likes to combine the two where possible.

Megan has an extensive portfolio of beautifully executed pieces and loves taking on projects where she can express her creativity. 

When she is not here at Bombshell Megan resides in Calgary where she orates out of Electric Odyssey Tattoo.



Ryan is an amazingly talented watercolour artist, he does frequent guest spots here at Bombshell Tattoo and loves to work with clients flexible enough to let him "do his own thing"


When not here at Bombshell Ryan can be found at his studio; Jakku Tattoo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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