How do I book a tattoo?

All of our resident artists and guests are proud to be their own bosses, business owners and indeed humans.

As such each artist operates a little differently, some prefer walk-in consultations and some prefer pre-booking.

Some are cash only, and some take e-transer or square payments.

We recommend you check out our list of artists and when you see something you like fill out their contact form to get the ball rolling on your new tattoo idea.
Alternately, you can just fill out our "general tattoo inquiry" form and we will put you in touch with the best artist for your art.

I booked, when will I see my artwork?

Our artists are heavily booked and very busy, its because we are good at what we do and that's why you came to us in the first place.

However being this busy also means that artists must prioritize drawings and artworks to avoid being swamped.

While we appreciate how enthusiastic you are about your new tattoo, please respect our artists workload and do not chase them for drawings.

Our artists have all artworks prepared the morning of each appointment, and each appointment is allotted free design and alteration time.

This time allows you to personally work one on one with the artist to finalize the design before it becomes permanent.

If you do not have faith that the artist you have chosen will do artwork that you like and you need to see it months in advance, we are perhaps not the studio for you.

What if I change my mind?

Each artist at Bombshell Tattoo Galerie specializes in one specific style, we are all heavily booked and our time is in high demand if you change your mind on a design that is within the realms of the artist's style and give us at least 1-week notice we are happy to accommodate changes.

We understand that body modification is permanent, and want you to have the tattoo of your dreams, we just ask that you give us enough notice to be able to do so.

However due to high demand and high workload, if you change your mind at the last minute, or to something that falls outside of an artists speciality, that may result in your appointment being rescheduled, or cancelled at your artists discretion.
Such events can result in all or part of your deposit being forefeited, at the sole discretion of your artist.

I dont want to leave a deposit, can you just draw something?

While we understand that seeing your art is a key factor in deciding to modify your body, we also must stress that tattooing is our artists job.

Its how they pay their bills, and how they put food on their tables.

All our artists have examples of their work available for you to look at and will all work their hardest for you, once they are employed by you to do so.
You wouldnt ask a dentist, plumber or lawyer to work for free, would you?


Why do I have to leave a deposit?

Just like any other profession "tattoo artist" is a job, and just like all other jobs, it is how artists make their income.

Our consultation and drawing process is free of charge with all appointments, however, if you require to indefinitely cancel, your deposit is used to compensate the artist for their time spent.

I'm unexpectedly sick / out of town / called into work/ chickening out, its not my fault, so I shouldn't lose my deposit right?

Artists require at least 72 hours to reschedule cancelled appointments.

While we understand sometimes its not your fault you can't make your appointment, however, it is also not the fault of your artist.

If insufficient notice is given it is store policy that the deposit is voided, and the artist may at their discretion require an additional deposit to be left to rebook the client.

Artists reserve the right to refuse to re-book cancelled appointments.

I booked an appointment, then changed my mind. Why cant I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately, all deposits are 100% not refundable.

All artists operating out of Bombshell Tattoo Galerie in Edmonton are their own independent business owners and will offer to hold your deposit for a limited time to allow you to reschedule.

Should you require to cancel indefinitely even with plenty of notice your deposit will remain the property of the artist you left it with to compensate them for their time spent during the consultation and booking process.

Why is my deposit non-refundable even though I gave 72 hours notice?

A good professional artists time is both in high demand, and valuable.

Valuable both to themselves as income, and to prospective clients who would love to utilize the space that we have reserved for your appointment.

Every cancellation requires time spent re-booking clients, calling clients and altering schedules.

Every cancellation also represents a space that may have been utilized by another client, who now had to wait even longer and perhaps went elsewhere to get tattooed because they could not get a date that had been reserved for you.

Our artists respect their clients and are very serious about their artwork, non-refundable deposits are to ensure you respect our artists time, and are equally as serious about your new ink.

How much are deposits?

Deposits vary depending on booking size and the amount of drawing and prep work required, they typically start at the value of one hours work and come off the final price of your tattoo after the last session.

I cancelled my appointment and gave plenty of notice, can I transfer my deposit to my spouse / friend / inflatable life partner?

Your deposit is valid for you, your artwork and your booking.
Your artist has already spent time with you, for you, consulting with you for your art.

Others who wish to book in will require their own consultation, artwork and work to be completed pre-booking on their behalf so unfortunately your deposit does not cover anyone but you.

I cancelled and will *probably* rebook eventually. How long is my deposit valid for?

Artists may hold a credit for you for your cancelled appointment at their discression (provided that enough notice is given) for a period of 90 days.

Any and all re-scheduling and re-booking must be done directly with your artist within a 90 day period.

I need to reschedule, multiple times, thats cool yeah?

Our artists are happy to reschedule your appointment if enough notice is provided.

Life happens and we aknowledge that, however multiple reschedules do take time out of our artists day so in the event of multiple re-schedules an additional deposit may be required as per our terms and conditions.

Additional deposits are taken at the artists discretion.


My child is really mature for their age, and totes wont regret this eagle on their neck. I can sign for that right?

Although it is not technically "illegal" in the province of Alberta to tattoo children under the legal age of consent that doesn't make it a good or more importantly, ethical idea.

The professional staff and artists at Bombshell Tattoo Galerie do not offer this service for several reasons.

Even the most mature teenager is unfortunately still a maturing and growing young adult. Meaning that both their minds, personalities, artistic taste and more importantly their skin is still maturing into what they will become when they are grown.

Tattoos placed upon skin that has not finished growing may warp, stretch and discolour as the person ages.

This means that even the most thoroughly thought out tattoo will still age poorly if placed on a growing young adult and may ultimately lead to regret for the wearer.

It is for this reason that the responsible and professional artists at bombshell do not under any circumstances tattoo persons under the age of 18.

I cant find a sitter, can i bring a child to my appointment?


A tattoo parlour is simply not a safe environment for children.

While you or any other clients are in our tattoo chairs you have 100% of our artists attention.

We do not have the ability to be focusing on, looking after or watching out for children and there are too many sharps, chemicals and valuable art pieces in a tattoo parlour to allow children in the area.

It is for this reason bombshell tattoo is has a strict policy of no persons under 18.

The only exception for this rule is for minors over the age of 12 recieving a piercing whilst acompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What about piercings?

Certain piercings are availale to persons under the age of 18, in which case a parent or legal guardian must co-sign that clients consent form, and be present at all times.


My friend / sister / some rando on pinterest drew this, can you tattoo it exactly?

While we appreciate people having reference for their tattoos, unfortunately we do not under any circumstances tattoo any reference (aside from portraits) that is brought directly to us without redrawing it.

We are proud to be Edmonton's best custom tattoo studio and while we will gladly accept artwork and drawings as reference material, all art leaving Bombshell Tattoo Galerie will be a 100% custom unique piece.

This is both out of respect for you as a client, the original artist's hard work and our amazing artists themselves.

Can you email me my artwork for my tattoo ahead of time?

Unfortunately due to several instances of artwork being duplicated outside of the studio, original artwork is only ever available in store on your appointment date.

If you require to alter your artwork you can do so with your artist in person on your appointment date.

If you feel you have changed your mind on your artwork request entirely, this needs to be conveyed to your artist at least one week prior to your appoitnment.


How much do you charge an hour?

The prices vary depending on the piece, and which artist you choose to get tattooed by.

Some of our artists prefer to charge by the hour and others prefer to set a price on a session before they start tattooing.

All artists that operate from Bombshell Tattoo Galerie are independent business owners, Bombshell is an art space and the artists rent an area inside Bombshell.

As all artists are independently operating they all charge individual prices, however, are all competitively priced with the area and similarly skilled artists within Edmonton.

Do you have a minimum charge

Our artists at Bombshell tattoo are their own business owners and as such set their own pricing so it's difficult for us to quote a "minimum" without seeing what you want and which artist would be best for it.

However, regardless of the size we will always work with you to create your own custom piece and I'm sure you will agree that asking for the "minimum price" for an everlasting piece of art that you want the maximum attention to detail on, is... kinda tacky.

If you would like to discuss pricing and artwork please feel free to send an inquiry to your artist of choice directly.

I can get this cheaper from my buddy, can you match the price?

"Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good" - Sailor Jerry

The professional artists at bombshell take great pride in their work and don't haggle or price match.

Asking us to discount a tattoo thats on you for the rest of your life is tacky, please don't try and ask us to do it.

If you really can get it cheaper elsewhere please feel free to go there. We won't be offended.

Do you guys have those "get what you get" discount tattoo games?

Our professional artists pride themselves on their quality, on the time they spend making your artwork just for you, and the fact that you wont regret your tattoo.

We do not see permanent body modification as a joke, or a gimmick, and neither should you.


I see that you are located upstairs, is there wheelchair access?

Unfortunately, due to the age of our building it is not accessable for persons who are mobility challenged. However, we do have access to a private studio where we can better accomodate persons with mobility requirements, please ensure you inform your artist if you require us to arrange an alternate location for you!

I have a service pet, can I bring it?

We LOVE animals, however we understand that not everyone does and that some have allergies, so, in the event that you require to bring a service animal please give us a heads up.
This doesnt mean you cant bring it, just that we may have to shuffle some peeps around and a bit of time to do so is sincerely appreciated.


Can I use numbing cream?

Yes and no.
While there are a LOT of numbing creams available online and in some stores, very few are actually tested and health board approved.
This means there are potentially harmful and or unproven and untested ingredients which we as professionals will not allow.
As such we only allow the usage of Zensa in our studio as it is one of the very few products that is both tested and approved by the Canadian health board.

Where can I buy approved numbing creams?

We stock Zensa numbing cream both online and in our studio, you can also purchase it directly from the manufacturer.

Why cant I use this random numbing cream?

Numbing creams are serious business, with a list of side effects ranging from skin irritation, to seizures and in very rare instances, death.

As such we never recommend numbing cream for large areas, nor do we ever approve or allow the usage of non Canadian health board approved numbing agents in the studio.

I didnt bother reading any of this, bought the cheapest numbing cream and turned up to my appointment with it on. What happens now?

If you choose to use numbing creams that are not approved for use in Canada we will be unable to tattoo you for the duration the cream is applied and active. This may mean rescheduling your appointment should you arrive at the studio covered in a product that is potentially unsafe. 

It is your responsibility as a client to notify your artist if you choose to use numbing agents as many are potentially unsafe, and most will hinder our ability to do our job correctly. 

Should your appointment be cancelled or rescheduled as a result of you applying a potentially unsafe or unapproved product to the area intended to be tattooed, your deposit will be forfeited to cover the artists loss of work. 


My tattoo didn't heal 100% perfectly, touch-ups are free right?

Our artists are passionate about their work, and stand by the quality of every piece that leaves the studio.

If a section of your tattoo does not heal as intended or envisioned, our artists will gladly touch it up free of hourly charge.

All touch ups must be booked with your original artist within 90 days of the completion of your tattoo.

Why are touch-ups only valid for 90 days?

As we are out there just living our best lives, stuff happens.

Sometimes its fun stuff like going on a rollercoaster at galexy land, sometimes its shitty stuff like falling over after the rollercoaster and scraping the top off your tattoo while your friends laugh at you.

While we always stand by the quality of our art, we cannot be held accountable for a potential lifetime of sun damage, skate boarding accidents and drunken truth or dare related incidents.
We will happily touch up anything that was our fault provided that you bring it to our attention within 90 days.

My tattoo is within 90 days, but it looks like its been set on fire and put out with a rake because, I actually did that...

Our artists are proud of their work and do their absolute best to ensure that you leave with the perfect tattoo.

If your tattoo does not heal perfectly due to your own error, or failure to follow the correct aftercare instructions (with decades of combined experience, we can tell) unfortunately, our artists will be unable to dedicate their income to fixing avoidable errors free of charge.

I got this from another artist, can you touch it up.... for free?

Our artists are proud to be some of the best in Edmonton and they stand by the quality of their work, not the work of others.

Touching up another artists work is not only considered a regular charged item but unfortunately, our heavily booked artists rarely have any time available to work on existing pieces from other tattooers.

You guys told me not to tattoo my hand / neck / face but I did and now it needs a touch-up thats free right?

Our responsible artists dont recommend certain places for tattoos.
There are many reasons, ranging from social responsibility to profesional quality.
We do not offer free touch-ups for any area, such as hands, fingers, necks and faces that our artists explicity recommend against tattooing.
They do not age, heal or wear well and are only recommended for those who have extensive tattoo collections and experience with both wearing, and healing a tattoo.

I got this awesome tattoo, but I really wanted to show my friend so I unwrapped it while drinking at the Buck, then my friend puked on it after 2 donairs at Mikes and when I woke up in some bushes and I'm pretty sure there were slugs on it. Its for sure infected, but, like, you are gonna touch that up fro free right?

If you feel your tattoo has been exposed to something dank and is no infected, you need to get to a doctor.

Your tattoo is an open wound, every tattoo that leaves Bombshell Tattoo Galerie in Edmonton, is sanitized and wrapped in a protective professional dressing.

If you expose your tattoo to something after application that results in an infection you are responsible not only for your own medical attention but also for the re-working of your damaged tattoo.

Please look after your ink!