Justice for Bella Rose

Bella Rose, beloved daughter, loving sister and innocent soul taken at a precious young age.

In her memory we are working to provide healing to those left behind, to the families of the victims of homicide.

This May 25th, join us in creating beautiful memories to support those who have only memories left.

Event FAQ

Are there age restrictions?

This event is restricted to those over the age of 18.
Persons under 12 are not permitted on the premises and due to expected large crowds and potential wait times it is not recommended to bring those whom are not getting tattooed.

How much does it cost to get tattooed?

tattoos are $60 each per design chosen.

I cant make that day, can i book for a late time?

This event and the tattoo pricing offered on the day are not available at any other time.

What time does the event go until?

This tattoo fundraising day will run from 11am until either 6pm or when we complete the last tattoo.

How many tattoos can i get?

To ensure we can serve everyone, we are limiting the number of tattoos that each client can get to 5 per line up.

Should you wish to get more than 5 tattoos at the event, you are welcome to rejoin the line again.

Are you only able to do the designs offered?

Yes, during the event we will only be offering the exact tattoos that are displayed on the day.

To ensure we can serve all those attending, we will not be offering any modifications on those pieces.

can i get colour in my tattoo?

So that we may better serve the expected volume of patrons we will not be offering colour, or any other modifications to the designs that are available.

can I choose my artist?

Due to the volume of expected patrons we will be assigning the next client in line to the next available artist.

if availability and time allows we will do our best to assign your preferred artist, but on a charity event we can in no way guarantee availability of that person at the time you reach the front of the line.

if you wish to obtain a specific tattoo from a specific artist it is recommended to book with them at an alternate time for a full price tattoo.

Where is the funding being donated?

Melissa Francis, mother to Bella Rose, created the butterfly hearts retreat with the aid of Power Psychology clinic to help the victims of homicide.

With the funding raised from this tattoo event she will be creating a wellness retreat and grief services for the families of homicide victims.

Lean more about Bella's Legacy in this city new article.

Is this event wheelchair friendly?

Unforunately due to the physical restrictions of the studio entrance we are unable to accomodate those with mobility issues on the event day.

For those who are unable to enter the premises due to the stairs but wish to participate in the event please contact management for accomodations to be made for you on an alternate date.