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Shield tattoo derm

Shield tattoo derm

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This 10 meter roll of Northern SHIELD™ can be cut to any size and offers the most superior Protection for your fresh tattoo.

Shield offers the most breathable technology on the market with Chinook air pockets. 

Your new tattoo will heal and breathe underneath this ultra light layer also keeping it safe from anything nasty that might get into the newly opened wound. Northern Shield™ will make your tattoo healing process so easy and get the results you deserve after that painful but rewarding tattoo session. All you need to do is wash the tattoo thoroughly, ensuring all soap residue is removed, sterilise the area, apply Northern SHIELD™ and leave. Northern SHIELD™ is not formulated to be removed before it is ready, so let it show you when it's time to come off.

For full application instructions, check out the manufacturers directions here.

This means no more fresh tattoo sticking to clothes when you’re at work or out and about or bedsheets when you are sleeping! You won’t even know you have Shield on half the time due to it being the thinnest tattoo Protection on the Market.

* Waterproof 

* Infection protection to keep your tattoo shielded from contaminants  

* Ultra flexible and comfortable 

* Medical grade

* Transparent 

* Latex free 

* Highest breathable Chinook air pocket technology 

* Can be overlapped to cover any size tattoo

* To be used for the whole tattoo healing process 24/7

* Rapid healing time 

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